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What is webAR solution?

  • Web based AR is uniquely positioned to help Brands and Marketers to engage with customers on a deeper level and successfully achieve their marketing goals
  • WebAR helps brands in removing the hustle of downloading the mobile app from customer experience cycle to provide a seamless AR experience
  • The interactive nature of AR results in consumers spending significant time with branded content which in turn leads to increased sales and brand sentiment.

Use Case

  • By using Web AR, brands can engage customers in-store using QR Codes to interact with products, services, posters, flyers, receipts, or tags to gain insight into the brand in a way that can educate, engage, and entertain the user.
  • Users can scan the QR code to redirect themselves to the WebAR page where customers can scan the product package to activate the AR experience.

Our competency in developing AR solutions & Technologies

  • Working with Top-Notch technology like 8th Wall, AR Quick look, Zapworks
  • Our aim is to help you bring your customers into the new wave of marketing, through AR, by building new levels of brand loyalty, customer excitement, and ultimately driving sales.
  • We intend to use the monumental potential of AR technology and provide you with opportunities that deliver the brand message in a unique, compelling, and personal way.