AR App

The instincts that dominates your buyer

What is AR App solution?

  • Augmented Reality Is Reshaping the Way We Experience the World. It is entering a new phase of its journey, from being a novelty technology to becoming the next generation computing platform
  • In the era of digitalization, Brands look to have a 360-degree market presence and Mobile applications are one of the most renowned strategies to reach their consumers. Having a presence on Android and iOS platforms is a must.

Use Case

  • Augmented Reality apps help brands to allow users to have a much more immersive and near to real experience to view the products and services.

  • AR Apps can help users to view the product or service offerings of the brands along with sharing the virtual experience of trying that out in real-life scenarios. AR offers virtual try-on and gaming experiences that allow brands to influence consumers buying decisions.

Our competency in developing AR solutions & Technologies

  • With the AR app we can develop solutions like Image recognition AR, World-tracking AR, Face & Body Tracking AR, Location AR, and Navigation AR.
  • The Potential applications of AR are seemingly endless. The capabilities of AR applications have been proved by applications like the Pokémon Go game, Snapchat, Ikea Place, Instagram, Wanna Kicks, and many more.
  • We at Impresario Tech, helps you bring your vision to reality with Augmented Reality applications for iOS, Android, and Wearable devices.